Elena Ocaña

(Ciudad Real, Spain, 1970)

"My work is nourished by the life and the world of art with all its facets."

Since several years I pursue the sometimes difficult road of painting. Evolution is continuous, surprising and always enriching. My work is nourished by the life and the world of art with all its facets. Everything influences my expression and I am constantly looking for the mystery of painting. My current works are a mixture of abstraction and figuration. A combination of languages, which in my opinion are compatible, which nourish each other and which interact in a natural way. I like Arabic aesthetics, so suggestive and pleasant, integrated in the purity, the struggle of forces and the tensions of abstract elements. And I like adding recognizable, poetic and synthetic images, which invite the spectator to penetrate into the entirety of the work. The colour is fundamental in this process. I like the expressive potential of the shades and hues, the interaction of superimpositions; being surprised by the suggestions and the emotions which the colours express amongst each other. The range and the possibilities are infinite and the background subject linked to the narrative elements of figuration eventually creates a visual climate, which is always innovative for me and which connects me to the next work to create. One painting leads me to the next and so on.